Dein Auto ist bei weitem Schlauer als erwartet, erstaunlich dass du das nicht beim Fahren bemerkst.

Ich hab dir hier das Englische original.

tow mode changes a variety of parameters. A forum user either here on the 6.0 forum that knows a lot more about the 5r posted up most of them a while ago. Apparently in addition to changing the shift patterns, it also changes line pressure, slip at the torque converter, and affects the variable vanes of the turbo to provide maximum torque and engine braking, and it does so in conjunction with the coast clutch on the transmission.

The tow/haul will not keep your truck out of overdrive on the highway, for some reason that is a common misconception. I drive with mine engaged while towing and do most of my driving in overdrive on the interstate. Basically, though, on the power side, it will let you throttle up higher at idle, it will hold each gear for longer, it will shift harder (which protects the transmission), it will allow you to give more throttle in each gear before downshifting, and it will hold downshifts until you pull the hill. On the braking side, it will give you maximum engine braking by using the vanes of the turbo and the coast clutch, which means on hills you don't have to touch the brakes except to knock it down a gear if it starts to gain speed, and in stop and go traffic instead of driving with your left foot on the brake, you just lift the throttle and the truck instantly starts to retard its speed, without touching the brakes. Its so nice that I use it in stop and go traffic even when I'm not towing. But really, until you tow something heavy you won't fully appreciate it. Run with it and run without it, it makes a big difference in towing, especially if you don't have much experience towing heavy things.

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Im übrigen ein gutes Forum, dieser Mark Kowalsky hat wohl bei Ford in der Getriebentwicklung gearbeitet zu der Zeit als Deiner gebaut wurde. Interessant.

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