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Apropos, was ist ein LT77S genau, was wurde da ggü. dem LT77 modifiziert/verstärkt?


Man sollte sich ja nie selber zitieren, aber habe grad folgendes auf https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=78 gefunden...

The LT 77 was introduced to the Landrover range in approx 1983 with the suffix D box and was developed over the years to the suffix H which was last used in 1994.

The D and E are very similar the only difference being the reverse gear was a little fatter in the E,

When they went from E to F larger layshaft bearings were used.

The G was further improved by all the gear teeth including the pinion getting approx 20% thicker. Also a much wider pump was used to increase the lubrication and cope with the fact that some of the LT 77's were now being supplied oil cooled, ie V8 NAS 90, 3.9 RR Classic and the 3.5 EFI Discos.

The H (termed the LT 77S) was the same as the G in terms of strength but used a different syncro set up called the 'Double Syncro', In reality it didn't work much better and introduced some weak points into the design.