meine Wohnkabine aus Iveco Turbo Daily 4x4 (lange Radstand) ist zu verkauf.

I want to apologise but the rest of the post will be in English. smile

So for sale is my private camping cabin mounted on 3-point torsion free pivot frame. The cabin was used on my Iveco 4x4 but it is easy to mount is on other frame-based vehicles.
The Cabin is in good shape, and has full camping equipment:
1. Sink with pump
2. Electrolux fridge
3. 2 burner propane stove
4. Truma passive propane heater
5. Separate bathroom with sink (very nice concept with a possibility of making the bathroom area smaller for the night).
6. 2 separate bedrooms (2+2) so it is nice for 4 persons. 1 Bed is full size double-bed with normal (full size), second is made form sitting area. The "harmonic-type" temporary wall separates the areas during the night.

Cabin dimensions:
Length: 390cm
Bright: 206cm
Heigh: 210cm
Weight: ~750kg (super light!!)

Pivot frame is rock-solid was made by professionals with the use of best quality materials (automotive frame steel). Bottom of the cabin is protected by 1.5mm aluminium sheets.

Price: 2100 euro.

Cabin is located in my garage smile in Rzeszow, Poland. I you want to buy I will try my best to help with loading and logistics smile

Feel free to ask!
Fühlen Sie sich frei zu fragen!

PM or: konradoo83@gmail.com

Take care!


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